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XX vs. XY Presents @DirtyinPublic

Welcome to another installment of "XX vs XY" as I mix it up with a female guest blogger! This is a series that you will see every now and then that takes a view point from a woman's perspective and puts it against my viewpoint from a man's perspective. The guest and I won't necessarily be challenging each other on a topic, but instead will be discussing it from our points of view. It could be two totally different angles on the same subject which will display how the genders' minds work. 

Who is this female guest I'm speaking of? She's Marrie Lobel from the award-winning Dirty in Public website! She has a great blog and she's one half of an amazing podcast on relationships called Mr. n Mrs. Romance. So, without further ado... Take it away, Marrie...

People Who Pass Judgment on Sexual Behavior


Threesomes, BDSM, or public sex; when it comes to sexual fantasies, where’s the line between cool kink and scary freak? From my observations judgments lay between what an individual has done and what scares the shit out of them. Arbitrary verdicts about what is “normal” or “nauseating” are made based on feeling aroused or utterly disgusted. Meaning judgments aren’t passed out of reverence for a 3000 year old book or a respected family member's teaching but from personal experience and pleasure.

When discussing sexual fantasies and desires among consenting adults, more can be said about those passing judgment than those who respectfully explore their sexuality. In reality there is no “normal” and qualifying an erotic thought as deviant, atypical or abnormal depends on the person being asked and when a large sample were asked their answers revealed there is no typical. Of course there are pathological sexual behaviors; those that involve non-consent or pain to achieve sexual satisfaction, for example, but those are not what most typically encounter and rarely harbor sanctuary.

Frankly, when someone judges another’s sexual desire or behavior as “bad” or “abnormal” I feel it exposes their own insecurities about their own sexuality and their inability to open their mind to alternative ways of thinking. By saying this I’m not encouraging anyone to betray their own comfort levels but to accept others are different. Simply chalk it up to sexual compatibility…or lack thereof. 

It’s true the key to any relationship involving sexual intimacy, whether it’s a one night stand or long term commitment, requires both involved to feel chemistry, consent, respect, and pleasure; however, when it comes to pleasure, each of us experience it differently. One person’s naughty can be the others’ nice. So, next time rather than playing Santa (unless that’s the kink) by banishing them to the naughty list consider freeing your mind and letting go of judgments.

Now it's my turn. There are a lot of people in the world.  That means that there are a lot of different tastes and preferences.  Who am I to judge or say that someone's preference of something is wrong because it doesn't equal mine?  Especially when it comes to sex.

I'm from the Bible Belt state of Mississippi where sex is often taught to us as being a bad thing.  It's rarely taught as anything involving pleasure.  It's almost as if it's strictly for reproduction and never for recreation.  These same people who have made themselves authority figures over sex also preside over what's considered "acceptable" sex and what's not.

As far as I'm concerned, when it comes to sex: do you.  Whatever makes you happy that isn't illegal is quite alright with me.  If you want to tie someone up, use fruit, or even bring in an additional person or two then that's your business.  If you want to abstain from sex altogether until marriage then that's fine, too.  Yet some are even criticized for doing that which is absolutely ridiculous.

I'm sure most of the people who are judging are either participating in some of the same acts or have done even more kinkier stuff.  How many times have we seen a male politician bash gay people during a campaign only to get caught with his pants down (literally) with another man?  Or someone who has a strong stance on prostitution but gets caught in the back seat of a Cadillac with a hooker?  Or maybe they're just mad because they can't find someone to do freaky stuff with them.

What makes a person quick to say "what happens in your bedroom is your business" but then turn around and criticize people who "aren't the norm"?  The hypocrisy is overwhelming in this country if you ask me.  There is no "norm" when it comes to sex.  There are plenty of things that I would never do, but I won't hate on someone if that's their thing.  Criticizing someone for their sexual preferences is like criticizing someone who orders coffee off of Starbucks menu that you don't like.  Just because you don't drink it doesn't mean that it's wrong for someone else to try it.  If you don't like it then don't order it.

It's just that simple.

Next on "XX vs XY" will be Tasha Mac...


  1. Marrie and Q. From a personal perspective, it seems to me that the only reasons a person should ever give a shit about another person's sexuality are either voyeuristic, or confrontational. There is no other legitimate reason I can have to criticize your actions, save and accept that you put your shit in my face.

    Butt bang on the table next to me at Arby's and your business is mine. Nothing puts me off my roast beef sandwich faster than a toothless redneck and his goat. However, slip your hand down Marrie's pants and quietly finger bang her in the back of a crowded elevator and I might want to watch. OK, I definitely want to watch, but it isn't my business.

    But this issue is so like many other social issues that degenerate into mostly religious debate. Abortion. Salty language. In some countries, how women dress. For that matter, almost every issue re a woman's body. On all of these issues, the only fucking justification anyone seems to make is religious-based.

    Which reminds me. Is it public sex when a pretty nurse assists your radiologist with inserting a catheter by holding your pecker with both hands? If not, does your resulting boner nudge it there?

    Fuck Walmart, and long live freedom of expression.

    1. LOL! Mooner, you never cease to amaze with that imagination. However, a man and his goat would ruin any meal of mine as well. You're right in your opening statement. It is voyeuristic or confrontational. There are so many things that people insert their beliefs into that it's unreal today. I do believe there have to be limitations (to a lot of things) in public, but what people do in their bedroom is up to them. And if I happen to be in said bedroom and I don't get down like that, I won't laugh at them on Twitter just because they're into something different. Whatever floats their boat. And also, I've not been in a Walmart since May 2014. Proud of me? LOL!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Great conversation about this! I agree with both of you! Open your mind... or don't. Regardless of what you choose, I hope you realize that whatever someone else does with their sex life that differs from you isn't necessarily "bad" or "abnormal" - and that goes for BOTH sides. If someone is in a completely open relationship, and is totally okay with that and all it entails, I can respect that. AND... If someone chooses to abstain from sex before marriage, as Q said... I can respect that as others should as well. Great post!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I appreciate you stopping in! I concur with your comment.


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