Monday, March 31, 2014

Facebook No Longer About Families & Classmates

Is Facebook pulling the wool over my eyes?

Have you noticed that you rarely see a lot of status updates some of your friends leave? Facebook appears to be filtering them to add more advertisements.

The exposure of my Talk 2 Q Fan Page has been reportedly reduced to 1-2%. That means that out of my 358 fans only an average of 7 of them will see my updates on their timeline when I post.  7!  So, when I work my tail off to promote something, I have to have a lot go right in order for more than a handful of people to see my promotion.

As for the other 98% of exposure, it probably goes to places like Nike (who paid big money to have over 17 million Likes). This also contributes to why you sometimes see the same post showing at the top of your timeline as a "Recent post" despite the fact that it's hours old. It's because Facebook appears to be directing paid traffic to you first before anything else.

What was a site for seeing photos, updates and videos has now turned into Spam Central. Looks like I'll be using Google+ more and possibly dissolving my fan page. SMH.

Do you think Facebook has "jumped the shark?"


  1. Yeah, I've been noticing the same thing with my page. But what works better are quotes and pictures.

    1. I'm willing to try anything at this point. It's ridiculous the amount of return that I get from people who choose to Like me.

  2. I'll be honest. I'm pretty much over Facebook. I've been spending time there mostly for the sake of promoting my posts, but not much else. To me, it's becoming more of an annoyance than anything else. I'm spending more & more time on Google + these days. I'll see you there.

    1. I'll be there, brotha. Believe me. I'm fed up with Facebook fan pages.


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