Saturday, March 15, 2014

All Wives Are Trophy Wives

How many times have you heard the term "she's a trophy wife?"  It's supposed to mean that she's "for show" like a brand new car or something.  Something to go on the man's arm to give him a look of success.  "Street cred" or "Board Room Cred" or whatever you wish to call it.  It's showing her off in a physical way.  But, let's take this concept a little deeper, shall we?  Aren't all wives "trophy wives?"  If not, then you married the wrong woman, bro!

A trophy is something you show off because you're proud of it.  It shows a personal achievement.  Isn't that how we should view our significant other?

If you feel as if you've accomplished something when you marry a woman then she's not worthy of being your wife.  Period.  We all want someone who makes us look good and it doesn't have to be in a physical sense although that's apart of it for some.  A wife can make you look good by projecting a side that you as a husband want the world to see.  When people are impressed with her then they're impressed with you!  That's just how it works and not just for the man either.  The two represent each other.  But, since I'm a dude, I'm going to give my perspective.  If some of my lady readers want to take a shot at what they may call a "trophy husband" then have at it.

You can have a woman who looks like Meagan Good, but a man should appreciate her as a mother.  And just about any guy who didn't have an abusive mom loves her to death, right?  As the nurturer of the children, she represents so much more than just being a parent.

She is the first love of any person born into this world.  Once a mother embraces her child then a bond is created that should be stronger than almost anything in this world.  Being a mother is being the essence of life.  Why do you think that we refer to this planet as "Mother Earth" or the climate as "Mother Nature?"  Nothing can thrive in life and truly reach its potential without the care of a mother.

She's the beginning of existence and that within itself is the greatest trophy of all.

She can look like Stacy Keibler, but a man should appreciate her as a scholar.  Her education can benefit the man in so many ways.  It could lead to her creativity as a designer when it comes to the home or her fashion.  Her ability to think outside the box can lead to a style of her own that people will find an appreciation for in some shape, form or fashion.

It can also mean more money in the household if she is a driving force in Corporate America.  After all, "higher learning equals higher earning," right?  A woman who is smart and self-sufficient is something that should make any man proud.

She can look like Lucy Liu, but she should also be appreciated for generating a lady-like aura.  You can recognize a real woman when she enters the room.  She's not concerned with who is looking and why.  She projects confidence, style and elegance.  How she speaks and carries herself is worth just as much as her beauty.

Grace and poise is something that was once a staple when it comes to raising a woman, but it's not as cherished as the days of old.  So many people fail to raise women to be women these days.  Having a wife who mesmerizes the room with her grace and poise like a young Elizabeth Taylor is something to make a man puff out his chest with pride.

It makes sense to want her on your arm because of how she makes you feel when other people see and talk to her.  Looks fade unless you're Lena Horne.  Being a trophy wife should be more than just a man with an attractive woman.  Unless you want a marriage that is as shallow as you are.

Do you think that being a trophy wife means more than just looking the part?

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