Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Check Me Out @TheIndieChicks

Hark!  I've been summoned!  Someone actually requested that I write for them!  The lovely and talented, Jewels, from "According to Jewels," invited me to write along side some of the best bloggers on the web!

I was truly honored, on top of being incapable of telling Jewels "no," so, I decided to give it a go!  However, I wasn't quite sure how I would fit in given that the name of the site is called "The Indie Chicks."  I mean, I know that Jewels, Chiara and crew have put in a lot of work to make one of the most gorgeous, user-friendly sites I've ever seen, but still...  I'm no chick.

But, I was wrong to doubt them because it was then presented to me that I would not be an Indie Chick, but instead, an Indie D*ck.  LOL!  That smells just like something Brandon would conjure up in that Idaho head of his.

So, I'm part of a team of male bloggers who do our thing on TIC's site.  Seems like a great opportunity to not only reach a core audience of male readers, but female readers, too!  After all, what better place for women to learn about men than from a man?

So, roll on over and check me out at TheIndieChicks.com to see my latest post.  Subscribe to them and add me (and Jewels) as a friend to get even more involved in their awesome community.

Check out my guest post here!

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