Thursday, July 15, 2010

Reverse Racism? Huh?

I think the term "reverse racism" is just stupid. Dumber than "a little pregnant". Isn't "racism" the same no matter which race it's exhibited against?

Just because a group may not be used to racism doesn't mean when it's applied to them that it's something different. "Reverse racism" is a term that people use in politics to get attention. It's generally a way of saying blacks and/or Latinos are getting their way and leaving white people behind.

I'm just calling it like I see it, that's all. Everyone is always cool with stuff until it happens to them. "Reverse racism" is phrased to sound as if it's some how worse than just regular "racism".

Politicians and their media use keywords that everyone ends up including in their vocabulary. "Reverse racism", "death panels", "reaching across the aisle", "Wall Street / Main Street". It's all garbage.

We, the people, argue with one another while we keep those idiot Congressmen in the White House as they send jobs overseas and then ask us to spend more money to grow the economy.

Let's focus on doing away with it all and stop categorizing something for political gain.


  1. Q, let me point out an additional possibility/motive in using the phrase "reverse racism". Many American whites suspect that American minorities have a double standard when it comes to racism- that minorities think that it's ok to suspect or accuse whites of racist behavior by default, while automatically considering their own motives and actions as above reproach or suspicion, simply because they consider themselves the oppressed minority by default.

    I'm not necessarily endorsing any particular viewpoint about this phrase, simply stating that many people use the term as a way to call attention to what they consider hypocrisy on the part of minorities.

  2. Great point, Jim! You're absolutely right about that. There's no denying double standards when it comes to racial issues, so that may be the origin of the term "reverse racism". Maybe if the double standards are removed, then the term will go away.


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