Monday, November 10, 2014

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Veronica Cuyugan, Life Coach
I interviewed a life coach a few months ago and I truly enjoyed speaking with her.  Her name is Veronica Cuyugan and she resides in Florida, but don't think that you have to be a Floridian to benefit from her services!

After getting to know her before and after the interview, I took Veronica up on her offer for a couple of free coaching sessions.  I wanted to see if a life coach was something that even a private guy like me could benefit from.  Would I open up to her to get assistance with things I wanted to see changed in my life?  Would she be able to do anything with the information that I was giving her to get me in the right direction?

The answer to both is "yes."  I was very amazed at how comfortable I felt speaking to Veronica during my first session on the phone.  Within a matter of 10-15 minutes, I was revealing things to her that I didn't feel comfortable discussing with other people.  The main focus of what I wanted to change was my weight.

Immediately, Veronica began asking questions trying to ascertain where my weaknesses may lie.  Although she asked me a lot of questions, they came in the form of a general conversation.  So, I didn't really feel like I was being interviewed.  I felt like I was talking to a friend who was trying to help me reach my goal.

By the time the session was over, not only did I feel better talking about where I've failed in my weight loss venture, but she gave me plenty of suggestions on new things that I could try to assist with exercising.  Since the two coaching sessions (last one in September), I've lost 12 lbs.

Veronica helped me to not only prioritize and organize, but she provided additional information of things I'd not yet considered.  Weight loss is her specialty though since she's a certified nutritionist, so that helped my cause for sure.

I would recommend those looking to kickstart a goal in their life to give Veronica a try.  She'll only take you on as a client if she has time, so don't worry about her being over-booked and you feeling neglected.  If she has too much on her plate then she'll tell you.  But, if you're fortunate enough to be one of her clients then whatever your goal may be, she will study it and prevent you with options to successfully reach your goal(s).

You can find Veronica at any of the following spots:

Facebook: The Blissification Company
Twitter: @Blissification

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