Thursday, July 25, 2013

Married Men & Facebook

I was once married, so I know that social networking can get you in trouble if you allow it to do so.  However, some guys just crack me up.  They're asking for trouble!  In this digital age where there's a record of everything floating around in cyberspace, I don't get married men and Facebook.

Facebook is probably the most famous of the social networking flirting tools out there because it gives you photos and personality.  A guy can not only see how sexy you are, but he can also see what you Like and enjoy doing depending on your privacy settings.  So, if he sees that you Like Patrón and you've Checked In at a strip club, then odds are you'll be added to his "to-do" list.

A lot of women have a false sense of security when it comes to their male friends.  They think that most men actually want to be their friends, but the truth is: most men want to sleep with them.  It doesn't matter that he's married because there are quite a few of married men who cheat.  If I had to give my opinion on it, then I would say that at least 60% of all married men cheat.  I'm not speaking from personal experience because I haven't cheated on a woman since high school, but I've met my share of married men who've cheated.  I think 60% is generous.

However, women will innocently "Friend" these guys left and right only to receive an onslaught of inbox messages begging for "opportunity."  Sometimes it is just a blatant "Poke" or "hey, sexy" message while other times, it's subtle.  He tells you all of the problems that he's had with his significant other and gets you to feel sorry for him.

So, ladies, unless you're part of the #SideChickRevolution and you're into married men, then I would suggest to you to nip things in the bud once they inbox you.  It can only lead to no good and drama.

Have you ever FB flirted or had someone FB flirt with you?


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