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Born: 11/12/71
Educated: Mississippi Valley State University ('89-'93)
Marital Status: Widowed.
Kids: None. However, I have two wonderful godchildren: DOB's: 2003 and 2006.
Base of operation: Jackson, Mississippi
Mission statement: (Yes, I have one.) To effectively eradicate stupidity throughout the United States... one post at a time.

Okay, enough of that. Let's talk about what I'm really about. Where do I start? I'm old school. That's an understatement to any of you who have followed me for a while, but it's a true statement. Being blessed with a two parent household as a child, I was raised with many traditional values from the Old South.

Examples: taking my hat/cap off before entering someone's home, holding a door for a lady to enter first, a firm handshake, making eye contact when speaking with people, and being accountable for my actions to name a few.

As crazy as it sounds, those things are becoming a lost art. Too many boys out there lack the man training that is necessary to continue the dwindling cycle of main components of manhood. Pride, responsibility, and accountability have been replaced with entitlement, dependency, and deflection.

These are the things that fuel the passion for my blog. I want to bring old school values back to mainstream America.

Yeah, that's the ticket.

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