Wednesday, March 23, 2011

TOAR Escapes Tsaritsa

In what turned out to be a spirited battle that registered almost 300 votes, Thoughts of a Randomista has earned the right to move on to face the winner of EmDottie v. My Own Private Idaho. TOAR managed to outlast Tsaritsa with a 154-131 score that saw plenty of lead changes over the past few days.

Congrats to both of them for their efforts (and their fans) and if you have not submitted a 2nd post to me, then please do so now.

List of 1st Round / Play-In Match-Ups and results here!

Also, another match-up concluded last night...

The Reckmonster earns the right to take on Mommy Confessions with a 31-19 win over The Writing Assassin!

If you haven't already...
-Reckmonster, please submit your 2nd post for your match-up with Mommy Confessions

-Writing Assassin, please do the same for the consolation round.

Congrats to both of you!

Empowered Peace v. Life of Ann James has less than 24 hours left!


  1. So, I was just at the Reckmonster's site- figured I'd check out the competition-lol..
    We're both named Michelle and we're both social workers, parents, and bloggers. I say we just call it a tie. Seriously though, I think I might vote for her. I loved her blog!

  2. Two Michelles, huh? I fell in love with My Reckmonster....but I still might stalk you Mommy Confessions ;)

  3. Good game! It was neck and neck the whole way through :)

  4. Yeah, her blog is pretty funny1 I'm not one to get in to these blog contest type things, but when Q asked, I said sure.
    I have a lot of followers (378 Google, 2,300 Facebook, 4,000 Twitter) but I think they must be too lazy to vote- because I never win any of this shit when I enter. LOL

  5. I was on twitter for three days straight, I seriously think that no one is going vote for me ever again because I spammed the shit out of their TL lol. Sooo more than likely, I'll get shut out now.

  6. LOL @ Michelle! With all of that support, how could you lose anything? You could probably run for governor.

    @ Lynn, you were hitting Twitter hard!


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