Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thoughts of a Randomista v. the Tsaritsa sez

The 1st Annual Thank, Q for Bloggers Tournament is now off and rolling! If you missed the first match-up, then click here.

Here's what you, as judges, will need to do:

- Read both links for each contestant.
(Some will be educational, entertaining, erotic, instructional, or inspirational!)
- Decide which one is the most interesting/entertaining.
- Vote in the poll on the right for one of the two bloggers.

Of course, you know that if you enjoy either or both of the bloggers, then feel free to comment and / or "follow" them to show your appreciation. These contestants are putting themselves out there for the world to see, so make sure to show them some love for being courageous!

The first two participants going head-to-head will be Lynn of Thoughts of a Randomista (114 followers) against Alexandra of the Tsaritsa sez (220 followers)!

With that being said...
Post #1 for Lynn (Thoughts of a Randomista) is here!
Post #1 for Alexandra (the Tsaritsa sez) is here!

The winner will move on to face the winner of their above bracket.

Rules of contest:
What each blogger will have to do is provide a link to one of their favorite posts on their site to go up against their competitor's best post. The readers will vote to choose which one of the two they enjoyed the most in the alloted time given. The blogger that gets the most votes for his / her post goes on to the next round where they will have to provide a different post against one of the other winners.

The blogger who doesn't advance to the next round will be dropped into the Consolation Bracket where they will get an opportunity to submit at least one more post against someone else who also didn't advance towards The Stunner. So, worse case scenario, you will get two posts, so make them count!


  1. It really is! You two have a hot battle brewing and everyone seems to be taking notice!

  2. This slugfest will go down to the wire, it appears!

  3. Boo to both of you for the mud slinging. I know it wasn't meant to be escalated into this but it was.

    Posting the 'trash comment' was a bit out of line, and so was the "OMG look at what my opponent is doing" approach.

    I know every bit of leverage helps gets votes, but I don't want anyone to go from a friend to an enemy just because of a blogging award.

    You two kiss and make up now. And maybe kiss some more. Wait a second, let me get the camera before you start....

  4. Yeah, retract the claws, ladies. It wasn't meant to come to this. (And yeah, get the camera, Idaho).

  5. Close match! It was wrong of me to post that thingy, but I can't change the past. I'm truly sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings. And congrats to the winner!

  6. Thanks, Tsaritsa for posting that :)


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