Thursday, March 24, 2011

Squatlo Aims High!

#4 seeded Squatlo Rant pulls off what could be the upset of the tourney with a 72-61 victory over Yeah. Good Times!  He will move on to meet Empowered Peace in the next round which will start late Saturday / early Sunday.

Congrats to Yeah. Good Times. for a valiant effort as she will now go to the Consolation Bracket.

Can both of you submit your 2nd blog links for the next phase as soon as you can, please? Thanks!

List of 1st Round / Play-In Match-Ups and results here!



    This is a MAJOR game changer for the #1 seeds. This shows that followers doesn't mean you have an easy ride.

    Grats to the squat! And for YGT for being a great blog and putting up an epic fight!

  2. I have the worst followers EVER; SO fucking lazy! Way to go Squat!!

  3. Aw, sorry your followers took a nap on you, Jillsmo. When I set this contest up, I received a lot of questions about how smaller blogs would compete with larger blogs. My answer was always the same: "if you can't win over your opponent's followers, then win over the other 14 bloggers' followers."

    Both of you had great posts and if nothing else, a lot of people were entertained and now follow both of you.

  4. Yeah. Bright side. You may have lost the battle, but you found one more rabid follower in me. <3 your stuff!

  5. Awwww it's okay Jillsmo!! We still love you! Congrats to my homie Squatlo!

  6. I hate that Q always got something "unbiased" to say. F U Q lol - get it? <3

  7. I think it's awesome, anyway, because I've made new friends!! But I still get a consolation round, so YAY STILL!!

  8. I second Thundercat's sentiments. Yes, we still love you jillsmo. Props to Squatlo on the win in this round. And to everyone that has been voting in support of The Ranter's Box, THANK YOU!!

  9. Jillsmo, you know you had the better post. I offered all of my readers a fifty percent cut of the prize money if they'd vote for me, and no one bothered to tell them there was no prize money to split. It's not my fault they don't read the fine print...

    I had fallen asleep on this thing and wrote it off as yet another disappointment until you woke me up this afternoon to tell me I was gaining ground. My readers must like a little drama cause none of them bothered to vote until time was running out.

    Anyway, I'm still a fan of yours and will stalk your site like a peepin' tom from now on. Give 'em hell in Round Two.
    To all my voters? The check's in the mail!

  10. Congrats to my big bloggin' bro, Squat! And Jillsmo - I totally dig your blog - and I promise, now that I'm a follower, next year - I won't be a lazy follower - I'll vote!! (unless you go up against my big bloggin' bro, Squat, again! LOL).

  11. @ TOAR - LOL! Hush!
    @ Squatlo - About that prize money... See, what had happened was....


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