Friday, March 25, 2011

Rant On!

The Ranter's Box holds serve with a nail-biting 77-74 victory over Jersey Diva Mom! She will move on to meet the winner of Mommy Confessions/Reckmonster in the next round which will start late Saturday / early Sunday.

Congrats to Jersey Diva Mom for the battle she put up. She will now go to the Consolation Bracket.

Can both of you submit your 2nd blog links for the next phase as soon as you can, please? Thanks!

*** Less than 4 hours to go on the battle between This Daddy's Blog and Guys, Boys, & Men! *** --->

List of 1st Round / Play-In match-ups, blog post entries and results here!


  1. Nail-biting? Absolutely!

    My poll ends at midnight. I'm trying to think of ways to prepare for a MAJOR SURGE from my opponent. More whoring out is needed!!

  2. I have a Roledex of potential bribe takers standing by, but they've caught on to the "no money involved" scam I pulled on them yesterday... you might offer drugs? Most of them seem to be of that type.

    As a matter of fact, my vote could be had for the right narcotics...

  3. THIS SHIT IS GETTING EXCITING! Congrats to The Empress!!!

  4. LOL! You guys are a trip! I'm glad that you're enjoying yourselves.


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