Thursday, March 24, 2011

Peace in the Valley!

Empowered Peace becomes the second #3 seed to pull off a victory (35 to 29)! She will move on to face the winner of Yeah. Good Times. and Squatlo Rant which ends in less than 24 hours.

Congratulations to The Life of Ann James for keeping the race close throughout the entire event!

Can submit your 2nd blog links for the next phase as soon as you can, please? Thanks!

List of 1st Round / Play-In Match-Ups and results here!

1/2 of the Consolation Bracket is now set.  Once a second blog post link is received from everyone below, a starting date will be announced...


  1. Good luck to all the tournament competitors. The competition is fierce on the battle field! Thanks to all of you that have voted for The Ranter's Box.

  2. Next round will consist of your choice: A 'thunderdome-style' deathmatch, or blogger versus blogger in an 8mile-esque battle.

    Do you have what it takes???

  3. I love your headlines hahaha

    Did you get my entry for the 2nd round?


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