Monday, March 28, 2011

Here, Kitty, Kitty!

Falen AKA Thundercat832 (Colorful Rants of a Fed Up Sista) takes the third spot in the Fave 4 with a comeback victory in the last 15 minutes! Falen took in six votes in the last few minutes to escape! With the victory over Alice X (Guys, Boys, & Men) by a score of 53-51, she has also secured a guaranteed spot in next year's tournament and an interview on The Thank, Q Radio Show with the other Fave 4 members (if he so chooses).

Colorful Rants of a Fed Up Sista will move on to face tomorrow's winner of The Ranter's Box and Mommy Confessions in the Fave 4!

Congratulations to Alice X for her run in this year's tourney! She pulled off a last-second victory herself in the 1st Round, but had the favor returned in E8! She will receive an automatic spot in October's Qualifier if she accepts the invite.

Falen, can you submit your 3rd blog link for the Fave 4 as soon as you can, please? (If you haven't already.)


Scoreboard and blog post entries and results here!


  1. thanks so much you guys! The is the best surprise! I get home from a killer day of work to find this! Ol' Girl gave me one hell of a run for my money!!! *hugs*

  2. I don't know who's gonna have harder competition... me or you. Mommy seems to plow out the votes whenever she needs em, and Squat commands a large audience.

    And he's got Mooner Johnson on his side. I can't compete with that...

    GL in the 4some.

  3. Congratulations to all the winners thus far, especially to my sista from a different mista Falen. You totally rock girlfriend!!


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