Sunday, March 20, 2011

Guys, Boys, & Men v. This Daddys Blog

The 1st Annual Thank, Q for Bloggers Tournament is almost through the 1st round! If you missed the first few match-ups, then catch up on them here and let your voice be heard by placing a vote:

Here are a list of match-ups.

Here's what you, as judges, will need to do:

- Read both links for each contestant.
(Some will be educational, entertaining, erotic, instructional, or inspirational!)
- Decide which one is the most interesting/entertaining.
- Vote in the poll on the right for one of the two bloggers. --------------------------------------------------->

Of course, you know that if you enjoy either or both of the bloggers, then feel free to comment and / or "follow" them to show your appreciation. These contestants are putting themselves out there for the world to see, so make sure to show them some love for being courageous!

The next two participants going head-to-head will be Alice X0 of Guys, Boys, & Men (58 followers) against Scott of This Daddys Blog (153 followers)!

With that being said...
Post #1 for Alice X0 (Guys, Boys, & Men) is here!
Post #1 for Scott (This Daddys Blog) is here!

The winner will move on to face the winner of Colorful Rants of a Fed Up Sista v. LogAllot Winner.

Rules of contest:
What each blogger will have to do is provide a link to one of their favorite posts on their site to go up against their competitor's best post. The readers will vote to choose which one of the two they enjoyed the most in the alloted time given. The blogger that gets the most votes for his / her post goes on to the next round where they will have to provide a different post against one of the other winners.

The blogger who doesn't advance to the next round will be dropped into the Consolation Bracket where they will get an opportunity to submit at least one more post against someone else who also didn't advance towards The Stunner. So, worse case scenario, you will get two posts, so make them count!


  1. Two good posts from two good blogs. I can only vote for one, but at least I can start following both!

  2. I've never heard of either of them, but I think I will start stalking them both before I vote ;)

  3. This contest looks fun! I would have entered if I'd found your blog before today. I'll read and vote on Tuesday after my fantasy baseball draft and during my March Madness break.

    Cool blog you have here.

  4. Don't sweat it, Erica. Maybe you can get involved next time. I'll check you out!

  5. This Daddys Blog is so awesome...he cracks me up. Vote for This Daddys Blog I did...don't forget to follow him.

  6. This Daddy's Blog rocks my face off.

  7. LOL @ Lolidots! That's a powerful blog to be able to pull off that feat!

  8. this is a nice site. thank you for sharing.


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