Monday, March 28, 2011

For the Fave 4

This Entertaining 8 is almost over! Once we reach the Fave 4, we will truly have competition at it fiercest as those four will have to find a way to some how top their previous two posts. Aside from seeing The Stunner Award in all of it's glory for the first time, those four will also be guaranteed a spot in the 2nd Annual Thank, Q for Bloggers Tournament in March 2012!

The Ranter's Box v. Mommy Confessions

Guys, Boys, and Men v. Colorful Rants of a Fed Up Sista

Squatlo Rant v. Empowered Peace

Thoughts of a Randomista v. My Own Private Idaho

Also, I would love to have the Fave 4 appear on The Thank, Q Radio Show to promote their blog, discuss the tourney and anything they may have enjoyed from it! Once the Fave 4 is set, I will send e-mails to you and see if we can coordinate a day and time to do the show if you are interested. If we can't get everyone together at the same time, then we'll break it up into multiple shows as needed. The bottom line is: if you've made it to the last four, then you deserve to have your moment in the sun to discuss the experience and what it's meant to your blog.

For the remaining contestants who don't make the Fave 4, don't sweat it. Although a spot isn't guaranteed for you next year, I will have some invite-only spots available for some of you. If you don't receive an invite, then I'm currently brainstorming on a qualifier tournament that you will have a guaranteed spot in if you want it. By being in this year's tournament, you get an automatic invite to The 1st Annual Thank, Q for Qualifiers (don't you love how I plug my blog title in everything?). This October event will be opened to the public, but I will only accept six of those submissions to join the 14 contestants who didn't make the Fave 4 this year. If any of those 14 decline to participate next year, then that allows for an extra spot for the open public.

So, that means 20 people will go after 12 spots to join this year's Fave 4 and have next year's 16 tournament participants!

Sounds confusing enough? So, to the six people who may be selected to go into battle in 2012 with this year's group, keep in mind that you can simply ask to enter the competition, but you have to be selected in order to participate. I will admit that I'm biased towards commenters (hint, hint)!

Details will emerge for October's qualifier as we get closer to the date.

Now get in there and vote for those who will represent the Fave 4 and will get a radio spot on TQRS along with a free pass for 2012!


  1. I'm confused. But stoked! I think. Maybe?

  2. Dazed and confused means my meds are working perfectly! Thanks for confusing me!


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