Saturday, March 26, 2011

E8: (3) TOAR v. (1) Idaho

The 1st Annual Thank, Q for Bloggers Tournament has now reached the Entertaining 8 which consists of eight bloggers who have made it through the first round. If you missed the first few match-ups, then catch up on them here and let your voice be heard by placing a vote:

List of 1st Round / Play-In Match-Ups and results here!

Here's what you, as a judge, will need to do:

- Read both links for each contestant.
(Some will be educational, entertaining, erotic, instructional, or inspirational!)
- Decide which one is the most interesting/entertaining.
- Voting for everyone in the polls are on the right ------------------------------------------------------------------>

Of course, you know that if you enjoy either or both of the bloggers, then feel free to comment and / or "follow" them to show your appreciation. These contestants are putting themselves out there for the world to see, so make sure to show them some love for being courageous!

The two participants going head-to-head in the Entertaining 8 will be Lynn (Thoughts of a Randomista - 114 followers) against Brandon (My Own Private Idaho - 396 followers)!
(follower totals are as of 3/12/11 when the participants committed to the tourney.)

With that being said...
Post #1 for TOAR is here!
Post #1 for My Own Private Idaho is here!

Rules of contest:
What each blogger will have to do is provide a link to one of their favorite posts on their site to go up against their competitor's best post. The readers will vote to choose which one of the two they enjoyed the most in the alloted time given. The blogger that gets the most votes for his / her post goes on to the next round where they will have to provide a different post against one of the other winners.

Each participating blogger can promote their post on their site, but cannot use the source code to put the voting poll on their site unless they include their opponent's link on their page as well so that the readers have access to both entries.


  1. If I take a picture of my dick and post it, do you think I can debunk her post?


    Good luck in round 2! Let's see if I can beat the queen on votes...

  2. lmfao! This is gonna be a hard one for sure!!!! I'm voting strictly on post material on this one ;) LETS DO THIS!

  3. Omg!! Why must I go against all these people who got 7469954899175599689 followers?! You are making mine work over time!!

  4. To echo what jilly said when she lost, a lot of my followers are lazy. I have 420-something and only got 60 votes last time. I need to TRIPLE that if I want to win against the voting queen.


  5. omg lmao, idaho. >_<

  6. This was a very entertaining comment section. I gotta vouch for Idaho about the followers though. I have like 400 also. And I put it on my blog's Facebook page, where I have about 3,000. And I got like, 100 votes total. That's pretty shitty.
    In my defense, I did suggest they actually read both posts. Maybe they just liked the other post better. Hey, wait- that was a dumbass idea.


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