Monday, March 28, 2011

Consolation Round Starts Tomorrow

I have blog posts from the following participants:

The Life of Ann James, the Tsaritsa sez, his Daddys Blog, The Reckmonster, and Yeah. Good Times.

I'm still missing posts from:

LogAllot, Writing Assassin, Jersey Diva Mom, EmDottie, and Diana Dishes.

Can you please send your posts to by 8 PM Eastern Time, Tuesday, March 29th?

If for any reason I cannot receive blog posts for all of the last five people before tomorrow night, then I will extend the offer up to the first five people who comment. This excludes anyone who participated in the 2nd Round of The Stunner tournament.



  1. You can certainly count Man Wife and Dog Blog in! Hate to say I hope someone flakes, but hey!

    P.S. FIRST!!!

    Remember the early days of blog commenting? That was like the BIGGEST thing ever!

    Man Wife and Dog Blog

  2. I saw your tweet to come here and read, however I'm in the middle of if you wanted a blog post from me I'm sorry I have to "flake". But thanks for the offer!


  3. I got you Q. Sent this morning to your email.

  4. Q, Can you extend the offer? I'm having a slight issue that hindered me from sending a post. Working from my I phone. I will send it for sure 2morrow. Thanks!

  5. Hi, Tinzley! Unfortunately, I can't. I was hoping to get started this evening. Is there a favorite post on your site you can tell me the title and I can go retrieve it for you?

    @CBG, I appreciate you chiming in and I'm sorry you're not able to make it, but I understand! Thanks for responding and good luck on the move!


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